Alarm, Three Circuit Immobilizer with an Anti HiJack Feature
Price installed: $1,600.00 (VAT Incl. - Trinidad and Tobago Only)

Also available with Turbo Timer Run On
Additional price installed: $350.00 (VAT Incl. - Trinidad and Tobago Only)

The Autowatch 457RLi Premium is the smallest and most advanced vehicle security system in its class today. This new and exciting system is packed with the latest innovations and comfort featres such as:

  • Country Selection (to ensure VESA)
  • Thatcham & AS/NZS approval
  • Anti-hijack immobilization
  • Keyguard
  • Double Unlock Pulses
  • Various window timers
  • Door warning indication
  • Auto-arming alarm & Immobilizer
  • Sensor isolation using remote control
  • Early warning
  • Nuisance Alarm Prevention
  • Wireless PIR detector for early warning
  • PLC Powerline Comm's Technology

  • Two Transponders, 4 Button Encrypted long range remotes
  • Overide PIN Code
  • Perimeter (Door, Trunk & Hood Inputs)
  • Ignition Hotwire (selectable)
  • Brake Input for Delayed Anti Carjack Option (seletable)
  • Up to 6 WPIR Detectors (Wireless Passive Infr Red)
  • Two on Board Immobilizer Relays
  • Third Remote Relay (PLC)
  • Anti Hijack
  • Self Arming Immobilizer
  • Auto Rearm Alarm
  • Auto Arming Alarm (seletable)
  • Silent Arm/Disarm Facility
  • Flashing Indicator / Park Light
  • Anti Security Housing
  • Turbo Run On (on request)

Personal Features

  • Remote Panic Alarm Facility
  • Lock/Unlock with Ignition (seletable)
  • Car Find Feature

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