Transponder Three Circuit Immobilizer
Price installed: $1,050.00 (VAT Incl. - Trinidad and Tobago Only)

The Autowatch 363PPi Immobilizer is ideally suited to car hire, delivery and multiple user vehicles. No concious effort required by the driver 25cm range.

Key Features

  • Three circuit immobilization
  • Completely transparent operation
  • Ten trillion possible code combinations
  • No buttons to push, no batteries to replace, no code to be entered
  • Attack proof housing
  • Overide PIN Code
  • Up to 8 transpoders can be programmed
  • Excellent deactivation range
  • Range test mode for installers
  • All black wire harness

Technical Data

  • Surface-mount technology is used which makes the processor unit extremely compact
  • The system incorporates high quality relays (Siemens or equivalent)
  • The system processor features a high-impact polycarbonate casing
  • Transponders have high-impact casings and are waterproof

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